The Difference between Hard Copper Busbar and Flexible Copper Busbar

Copper busbar has a wide range of applications in new energy vehicles, welding equipment, high and low voltage electrical appliances, switch contacts, bus ducts and other industries. Copper bus bar is divided into soft copper busbar and hard copper busbar. Soft copper busbar and hard copper busbar are the corresponding concept, and both of them belong to a kind of busbar in electrical industry. Soft copper busbar, also known as “copper flexible busbar”, “copper female expansion joint”, “copper bar”, “soft copper bar” and so on, is the connectors for conducting large currents.

We will from three aspects to tell about the difference between soft copper busbar and hard copper busbar at below.

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Different Processing Technology.

Soft copper busbar is made of laminated multi-layer copper foil with the two ends of it welded by press machine. This will use diffusion welding process, which is through the form of high temperature and high pressure to make the surface of the copper busbar to form copper molecules, and then the molecules diffuse mutuallly and finally fuse together. In general, the lap surface of the soft copper busbar is the connection area, so it needs to be stamped holes and welded in order to be plated or easily installed. Hard copper busbar, also named rigid copper busbar, is made of copper sheet by stamping and bending process.

Different Quality Requirements.

Soft copper busbar is not only used as the electrical conductor in new energy vehicles, power equipment, transformers, bus ducts, but also used as the conductive connection for new energy vehicles, power battery packs and charging piles. Therefore the quality of soft copper busbar and performance requirements are high, which is directly related to the safety and stability of the power battery. Soft copper busbar has good conductivity, fast heat dissipation and is easy to be bent or installed. 

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Different Price.

The general price of flexible copper busbar will be higher than the hard copper busbar. The main reasons are as follows: the two ends of the soft copper busbar are the connection area, so it is necessary to weld stamping and punching to facilitate the installation in the application. In this process, the production cost must consider the processing equipment, processing costs and labor costs, which is the reason why the unit price of soft copper busbar is higher. In addition, the soft connection copper busbar for the surface of the insulation requirements are also more stringent, generally need to use a special sleeve, which will also increase production costs.

Post time: Sep-16-2023