Stability of Metal Stamping Production and Its Influence Factors

What is stability? Stability is divided into process stability and production stability. Process stability refers to meet the production of qualified products with stability of the process program; production stability refers to the production process with stability of production capacity.

As the domestic metal stamping die manufacturing enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, and a considerable portion of these enterprises, is still stuck in the traditional workshop-type production management stage, often ignoring the stability of the stamping die, resulting in a long mold development cycle, manufacturing costs and other issues, which seriously restricts the pace of development of enterprises.

The main factors affecting the stability of metal stamping parts are: the use of mold materials; the strength requirements of the mold structure parts; the stability of the stamping material properties; the fluctuating characteristics of the material thickness; the range of material changes; the size of the resistance of the tensile tendons; the range of changes in the crimping force; the choice of lubricants.

As we all know, the metal materials used in stamping die involves many kinds, due to the different roles played by various parts in the mold, its material requirements and selection principles are not the same. Therefore, how to reasonably select the mold materials has become one of the very important work in mold design.

When selecting materials of punching die, the material not only must have high strength, high wear resistance and appropriate toughness, but also must take into full account the characteristics of the processed product material and yield requirements, so as to achieve the stability of the mold forming requirements.b

In practice, because the mold designers tend to choose the mold materials based on personal experience, the mold forming instability often occurs in metal stamping due to the improper selection of the material of the mold parts. In order to solve the problem of stability of hardware stamping molds, it is necessary to strictly control from the following aspects:

1.In the process development stage, through the analysis of the product, to anticipate the possible defects in the manufacture of the product, so as to develop a manufacturing process with stability program;

2.Implementing the standardization of the production process and the standardization of the manufacturing process;

3.Establish a database and constantly summarize and optimize it; with the help of CAE analysis software system, the optimal solution is derived.

Post time: Jan-09-2024