Progressive Stamping Die

Progressive Tooling is the widely used by Mingxing to produce a wide range of parts and components. It is a metal stamping operation in which several procedures are performed in a progressive press. The process involves multiple stages in a fixed order to transform a metal strip into desired metal parts. The material is automatically fed from a spool into the press and continues from one stamping position to the next with each press stroke. Each station along the path carries out a certain operation simultaneously as the die descends until the part is complete in progressive tooling. Different steps are integrated within a single die, which allows for progressive tooling solutions in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Progressive Stamping Die

How Does Progressive Die Work?

The progressive stamping process takes place in a progressive die, a tool that performs multiple operations in one movement instead of multiple. A progressive stamping die is kept in the die stamping press. With the press moving up, the die moves together with it, allowing feeding of the material. As the press comes down, the die is closed, completing the stamping process. With every press stroke, one whole part gets removed from the press. There is also scrap metal produced, collected in a container with the help of conveyor technology.

The progressive stamping process can be carried out on a transfer press too. These presses transfer product parts using mechanical arms from station to station. But when you are mass-producing components, you should always choose progressive die stamping.

Progressive Stamping Die

Industry we serve

Aerospace: Aerospace uses components that have perfect precision and tight tolerance. Mingxing specialises in exceeding customer expectations no matter how complex the product design is or the type of customization it requires.

Electricals and Electronics: Mingxing is a trusted global electronics component supplier, offering a wide range of parts and services for manufacturers and suppliers.

Automotive: Every automobile manufacturer requires a wide range of components. Mingxing specialises in services like prototyping, stampings and large and medium production runs.

Industrial Equipment: Mingxing supplies components created through precision stamping for power generation, agriculture, construction and other industrial engineering markets.

Consumer Durables: We understand that consumer durables must have the shortest time to market to maintain their competitive edge. Mingxing’s industry experience and expertise enable us to offer product designers a range of components that help them deliver reliable and competitive products.