Positive Adjustment for Layout of Domestic Hardware Stamping Die Industry

At present, the domestic precise stamping die is heading for international level positively by participating in international competition.

Since establishment, China’s stamping die industry has been developed quickly, occupying 40.33% and 25.12% of total import and export die volume respectively; China has became one of important export countries in international stamping die field.

The layout adjustment for domestic hardware stamping die industry is natural tendency of economic development; after years of technical, talent and capital accumulations, China’s eastern area will establish high-end production base through transformation while the emerging gathering area will bear part high and low level production. It is quite rational to make such labor force division which breaks serious single and regional homogenization situation of products in the past and also provides ladder development space for national die industry.

The domestic stamping die industry keeps seeking for the world’s leading level and narrowing technical gap with developed countries gradually; at present, some domestic precise stamping dies are generally in the same level with imported products at the aspect of main properties and the general industrial level raises remarkably; some products do not only replace imported ones but also are exported to industrial developed countries and regions, such as the US and Japan.

Though a little behind precise stamping dies of developed countries, the national precise stamping dies will become the core force driving domestic die industry development by catching up with and even exceeding those of developed countries, improve integral technical level and make it develop to higher level in the next several years, based on current domestic industrial development trend. The technical and process level of die industry will be improved further, which will improve the capacity of national enterprise for mastering market larger and to realize dual qualitative change of industrial scale and technical level in the next 5-10 years.

Post time: Jul-23-2022