Custom Sheet Metal Stamping Stainless Steel Clips Metal Stamped Parts for Led Lights

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Metal stamped steel clips are widely used to hold, clamp and connect metal materials in various manufacturing, repair and processing applications. It is usually made of high-strength steel and characterized by its robustness and durability. They provide reliable clamping strength and help people to accomplish all kinds of metal working tasks.

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Material Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Spring steel, SK7, 65MN, SPCC, SGCC
Surface treatment nickel/chrome/tin plating(colour or natural), Galvanization, polishing, etc.
Process Metal stamping, Cutting / Punching / Bending / Welding / Deep Drawing;
MOQ 1000pcs
Software Auto CAD, 3D(STP, IGS, DFX), PDF
Application Automoblies, chassis equipment, furniture accessories, electronic components

Custom Metal Stamped Clips Capabilities

Mingxing is an industry-leading manufacturer of stamped metal parts and assemblies for use in a variety of industries. We’re professional on the manufacture of shielding components designed to block outside electromagnetic energy sources for demanding applications. With many years of production and management experience, our high quality and well-performing shielding cases can ensure your application’s electronic components or systems are safe from electromagnetic interference.

Our Service:

1. Offer free samples.

2. Welcome OEM/ODM.

3. Provide proper suggestions or solutions.

4. Offer multiple secondary operations such as reaming, drilling, heat treating, plating, painting etc.

5. Assembly well by welding, installation, paste stickers and customized package.

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