Recent Advances in Heat Sink Technology

Advances in heat sink technology are meeting the growing demand for cooling electronic devices. According to “Recent Advances in Heat Sink Technology,” new materials, designs, and microfluidics are important areas of progress.

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New materials, such as high thermal conductivity ceramics, carbon fiber composites, and nano-composite materials provide better strength, lower density, and corrosion-resistant cooling. Furthermore, micro-structured heat sinks, porous material heat sinks, and thermal conductive fluids improve the surface area, chemical reaction rate, and phase change to enhance cooling.

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Micro-fluidic technology is also making strides in heat sink design, achieving precise fluid control, turbulence to increase surface area, and self-cleaning and cooling of the fluid for lower maintenance cost.

Overall, these advancements promote the development of electronic information technology with higher performance, reliability, and lifespan of devices.

Post time: May-17-2023