The Introduction and Production Process of Spring Contact

1.Introduction of metal spring contact

Metal spring contact, also known as hardware shrapnel, belongs to the hardware stamping parts, which is a kind of electronic hardware materials. Common precision hardware shrapnel is an important metal accessory of electronic parts, and it usually plays a role of conduction, switch, clamping, resonance, etc.. The shape of spring contact is mostly S-shaped, C-shaped, N-shaped, round, Z-shaped, spoon-shaped, etc.

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2. The production process of metal spring contact

The production process of metal spring contact is a special process of processing the material into parts through cold stamping process of stamping die

3. Application range of metal spring contact

Metal spring contact is widely used in our daily products for various industries. It can be applied to cell phone cards, cell phone antennas, membrane switches, contact switches, PCB boards, FPC boards, medical devices, headphones, audio jacks, connectors, micro motors, sensors, relay switches, digital 3C, automotive instrument light touch switches and other products.

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4. Common materials of metal spring contact

The commonly used materials are: beryllium copper (need heat treatment), titanium copper, phosphor bronze, brass, stainless steel, spring steel, etc. 

5. Surface treatment requirements of metal spring contact

Gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, tin plating, oil ultrasonic cleaning, etc. 

6. The significant control focus on metal spring contact

(1) raw materials: hardness testing, elongation testing, tensile strength testing, yield strength testing.

(2) After plating: salt spray test, film thickness test, high temperature aging test.

(3) Metal spring contact life test. 

7. Packaging requirements of metal spring contact

According to the product feature and customer’s demand, MINGXING Stamping can offer different packaging solutions, which covers tape rolls, loose pin packaging, blister box packaging, carrier tape packaging, etc.

Post time: Feb-10-2023