China Customized Metal Stamping Aluminum Parts Stamped Heat Sink for Power Supply

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Aluminum stamped heat sink is a material commonly used for heat dissipation, which is made of aluminum alloy with good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation effect. Aluminum profile heat sinks are usually sheet or strip shaped with many heat sinks or fins on the surface, which improves the heat dissipation efficiency by increasing the surface area of heat dissipation. Aluminum profile heat sinks are widely used in electronic equipment, LED lights, electronic heat sinks, computers and other fields, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the equipment and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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Product name China Customized Metal Stamping Aluminum Parts Stamped Heat Sink for Power Supply
Material Aluminum, AL1060, AL1050, AL6063, AL6061
Size According to customers’ drawings or samples
Surface finishing Anodizing, powder coating, sand blasting, etc,..
Color Black, silver, gold and etc.
Process Stamping, extrusion, cutting, CNC machining, drilling, milling
MOQ Small quantity is acceptable
Quality 100% inspection
Delivery time 7-14 days

 Custom Metal Stamped Aluminum Heat Sinks Capabilities

Mingxing is IATF-certified and ISO 9001-certified, you can be assured for the safety and quality of the stamped products we produce. We design different metal stamping parts strictly as client’s demand by CAD and ship the products with 100% inspection. The manufacturing processes we can be used include stamping, bending, laser cutting, blanking, drilling, lathe and mill, etc.

Our Advantages:

Expert in producing OEM parts: metal stamped, machined, deep drawn and sheet metal formed parts with different surface finishing.
2. Geographical location advantage: our company in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, nearby Shenzhen ports, which can help us not only to offer better services for the customers from all over the world, but also save transportation time and cost.
3. Employing reliable workers and using advanced machines: we have a full range of machinery and equipment for punching, welding, CNC, milling and grinding.
4. We also have experienced technicist who are engaged in technical development. Our skilled workers, professional engineers, and excellent foreign trade team always keep the passion to support our customers

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