Sheet Metal Electrical Stamped EMI Shields

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EMI shielding components, also called enclosures or housings, are designed to isolate electrical devices from their surroundings and minimize disruption from outside electromagnetic interruption. According to customer’s requirement, the material of shielding components can be stainless steel, white copper and tinplate. Our shielding cases are widely used in different industries, which is from household appliances and security equipment to cell phones and mass transportation.

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Custom Stamped Shields Capabilities

Mingxing is an industry-leading manufacturer of stamped metal parts and assemblies for use in a variety of industries. We’re professional on the manufacture of shielding components designed to block outside electromagnetic energy sources for demanding applications. With many years of production and management experience, our high quality and well-performing shielding cases can ensure your application’s electronic components or systems are safe from electromagnetic interference.

Our Advantages

1. Focus on manufacturing customized parts: metal stamped, machined, deep drawn and sheet metal fabricated parts with various surface finishing.

2. Geographical location advantage: we are located in Dongguan city, nearby Shenzhen ports, which can help us provide better services for the customers all over the world and also save shipment time and cost.

3. Employing skilled workers and using advanced machines: we have full range of machinery and equipments for stamping, welding, CNC, milling and grinding.

4. Our technical workers, professional engineers, and excellent foreign trade team always keep the passion to support our customers.    

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