Professional Manufacturer for Custom Aluminum Extrusion Profile

Aluminium profiles can be found everywhere in our production industries and daily life. In the field of industrial production and manufacturing, it’s called industrial aluminium profiles. In addition, there still have the aluminum profile applied to construction. Here we are talking about aluminium radiators, also called aluminum heat sink. There are large and small ones, although some are inconspicuous, but their role can be not small. They are mainly used for heat dissipation in various types of electrical and electronic equipment, heat dissipation in LED lighting fixtures, and heat dissipation in computer digital products. The aluminium radiator has a beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance and good energy-saving effect. As the requirements of aluminium radiators for water quality are not the same as steel, aluminium radiators should be avoided to be installed mixed with other materials.


The heat sink is a device to dissipate heat from the heat-prone electronic components in electrical appliances, mostly made of aluminium alloy, brass or bronze in the form of a plate, sheet or multi-piece, etc. Generally, the heat sink is coated with a layer of thermally conductive silicone grease on the contact surface of the electronic components and the heat sink, so that the heat emitted by the components is more effectively conducted to the heat sink and then distributed to the surrounding air by the heat sink. In terms of heatsink material, each material has a different thermal conductivity and is listed from highest to lowest in terms of thermal conductivity: silver, copper, aluminium and steel.


Non-standard radiators are, as the name implies, non-standard radiators. Our company offers a professional customisation service, which can be made to order according to the drawings you provide. All kinds of electronic radiator heat sinks, with many varieties and affordable prices. And the geographical location is superior and the transportation is convenient. The products mainly have the following six series: electronic material heat sink, CPU heat sink, car heat sink, insert heat sink, LED heat sink and photovoltaic solar heat sink.

Post time: Oct-31-2022